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Beauty and the Beast “Cold Case” Preview

Let’s Maintain Our Killer Game ~  A refresher on what you can do to help #BatB this summer and beyond:

  • Buy Beauty and the Beast Season One on DVD and Season Two as digital season pass via  iTunes or Amazon. International Beasties you can buy S2 of BatB via iTunes by following the instructions in this post.
  • Recruit your friends, family and social media followers! Talk about/Share your love of Beauty and the Beast on your twitter, Facebook, instagram & Tumblr accounts!
  • Tell TV Guide that you are watching #BatB every week (Here)
  • Join TVTag - Collect #BatB Stickers on episode night & help us concur another social tv site! 
  • Have a blast and share your episode night feels with your fellow beasties by tweeting while watching #BatB! Sign up to twitter if you haven’t got an account yet and you’ll get to know an awesome bunch of peeps known as the beasties!! Our fandom’s twitter presence sure made it hard for CW to say no to Season 3!

See you on Monday for what’s sure to be another thrilling episode of #BatB!

~ @doryevans :D


New Promotional Poster to celebrate the return of #BatB (Beauty and the Beast) tonight on cwnetwork at 9/8c!

Be sure to Live Tweet with your fellow beasties tonight from 9PM EST over on twitter, let’s get taking about all things #BatB and the awesome new tagline:

"Forever Linked"

Can’t wait to watch the new episode & tweet with you all!

~ Dory :D

P.S Don’t forget to tell your Family, Friends and Neighbours that #BatB is on tonight and it’s about time they got hooked ;)



Buy #BatB Season 1/2 via iTunes (link) /Amazon (link) Digital Season Passes Today!

Pre-Order Beauty and the Beast Season Two DVD via Amazon Today TOO (link) !  

International Beasties you can purchase a BatB Season Two iTunes Pass by following the steps explained HERE.

 By purchasing an official copy of the series, you support the show and help it stay on the air for longer! :D 


Have you liked the official BATB FaceBook Page

The more activity the BETTER! EVERYTHING Counts!! 

Have you invited your friends to like the BatB FB page? It’s simple! 

When visiting Beauty & the Beast FB Page  , just under the header there should be a "Invite your Friends to Like this Page" box thingy …. hit the button & INVITE THEM ALL! :D

Let’s make sure our Social Roar grows! ;)

You’re in my heart, in my heart, in my head

Never watched CW’s Beauty and the Beast (#BatB)? Gave it the flick after watching the pilot? 

Not giving it a shot due to other peeps opinion of it/loyalty to your all time fav show? 

Pssh forget all the negative you’ve heard because you are missing out on adding another show to your must watch list!

We Beasties have a passionate belief that #BatB is truly a great show that should be discovered by all! If for no other reason than for our leading actors’ on-screen chemistry that IS unparalleled! 

Watch this FanVid By Kez now (Choose HD quality!) and read the rest of my spiel afterwards ;) !! 

The final six episodes of Season 2 will not start airing on cwnetwork ‘till June 2nd SO with the majority of other TV shows seasons having ended already, now is the perfect opportunity to catch up (via any means possible ;) & fall in love with CW’s Beauty and the Beast!

Watch all S1 & S2 episodes this weekend or during your next rather long study break ;) There are a few rip my heart out, curse at the screen, want to break the screen moments in this series but stick with it, I promise it will be worth it!

If you do happen to fall in love with it/are already crazy obsessed then Recruit Recruit Recruit as many peeps as you can! It will take an army to make sure we get a full season 3! :DD

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