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#BatB Spoiler Theory

Gabe isn’t behind Vincent’s arrest! 

Thanks to the teeny tiny preview :\ of #BatB’s next episode we “know” a few things:

  • Vincent is arrested > gets booked > is in the slammer (hello organge jumpsuit ;) > is getting transferred to ?? and on the way ESCAPES!!  (woot woot??)
  • Vincent plans on going on the run and Cat is going too!! 

Now this is where the above “diagram” comes into play.

BatB Camera Operator Roger Finlay @RogueCam shared the first photo as a BTS treat for Beasties (Thank you Roger!).

In that photo, you can see Vincent wearing the exact same hoodie as in the preview, which leads me to believe that Roger’s BTS photo is from the next ep of #BatB/ the preview!

Gabe wasn’t the rat fink b*stard who ordered Vincent’s arrest or at least without good reason (??)

Otherwise how would you explain Gabe being at Cat’s apartment with VinCat after Vincent escaped (1st photo)?

He’s assisting them with their getaway plan??

Either way, this all leads to Gabe possibly not being a taddle-tail and someone else being behind Vincent’s arrest? 

See what happens with #BatB being on Hiatus for only a week!!

I go poco loco cwnetwork! I know this could be ENTIRELY wrong but after a week of stewing on it, I had to release it into the universe! 

Let me know what your theories are for the rest of the season! 

Watch the Preview again HERE to refresh your memory!

- @doryevans :D

#BatB Needs YOU Tonight !!!

Tonight is Beauty & the Beast’s FINAL Prime Time slot for Season 2 and therefore our last chance to ROAR (Trend) loudly & beat all our previous records on Twitter!!  I say last chance since we don’t know exactly when the remaining six episodes will air :(

The #BatB Twitter Trend will begin at 6PM (US EST)! 

  • Stay Up Late (Euro Beasties), Ditch School & Work (Pacific Rim Beasties) or Skip Dinner ( US EST Beasties) ;)       
We need you tweeting as much as you can for Nielsen Twitter Ratings & any/all other forms of Social TV measurement that the CW network will see & digest from Tonight’s Spring Finale!

Let’s “dazzle” the CW with Tonight’s Trend in order to have a greater chance of getting season 3 renewal! 

Plan & Prepare for Tonight’s Trend if you get a chance.

  • Tweet BatB quotes/Favorite Song Lyrics *winks at Kid P*, have a conversation with a fellow beastie (unique tweets rule!) OR just Re-tweet tweets that include #BatB & the trending tag #BeastingBad (use only after 6pm EST please !!)
  • Just don’t save your preparation as Twitter Drafts because they might not be counted - make a word document/note to cut & paste your tweets from the doc/app ;) 
Are you an international Beastie?
  • Download and install the FREE version of either OR  ~ Once installed, select/switch your IP (software will guide you) to the USA & Tweet/ Be Counted in Nielsen TR like you ARE in the good ol’ USA! 
  • If you are unsure what time it will be in your part of the world at 6pm EST there is a World Time Converter HERE ! 

Got a Question? Need Help? Just ASK via my twitter account @doryevans or via the Ask box on my tumblr home page!! 

See you Tonight & Watch me reunite with my old bud, Twitter Jail! :P


Here it is, Beasties, a special new trending tag for the spring finale on Monday. Please spread the word, tweet, retweet, and post this flyer, but do NOT tweet the actual tag until Monday night!

As posted before, #AboutLastNight has already been over-tweeted as excitement builds, so we need to go with something completely new and different to trend effectively. We hit a season high with #CatchMe last week - can we top it? ;) ~ Cat

(Flyer: @doryevans)

The Showcase Recap 2x15 [good point]

  • Sarah:

    If I were Cat this would be the precise moment I would step away. He is NOT being the "nice guy" - he is being a jealous, controlling, possessive dickhead

  • Christine:

    Meh - he's just being blind. They're both lying to themselves

  • Sarah:

    I don’t let boys boss me around and Cat shouldn’t either

  • Christine:

    This is very true. Yet you defend Vincent!

  • Sarah:

    Vincent is willing to let her go! He truly loves her. If Gabe truly loved her, he wouldn’t feel so threatened - and then wouldn’t threaten her in return. Vincent is on the up! Gabe on the down

Tonight’s the night it all COUNTS!

An International Beastie? 

  • Turn on your VPN (TunnelBear/HotSpotShield) & Tweet like you are in the USA!! More info HERE about how Int’l Beasties can help!

CW is watching every MONDAY, so dedicate some time & help BatB get renewed for S3!! 

See you all at 6pm EST ~ @DoryEvans :D 

"… we are going to have to Save Each Other."

Do you believe CW/Mr.Pedowitz is poco loco for taking Beauty & the Beast off CW’s schedule ‘til May/Summer after the next two episodes air? And that we Beasties, are a large & powerful force to be reckoned with?!

If so, NOW is the time to PROVE it.

I propose a mission for these next two weeks of #BatB:

We try & a secure a TOP 20 Spot on the US iTunes TV Chart in order to prove to the CW how financially viable BatB is regardless of Nielsen & that we are large family who puts their money where their mouth is!

Firstly, this cannot be achieved without the assistance of International Beasties - who can in fact Buy Season One & Two of BatB from the US iTunes Store. Information on how to buy from overseas is HERE. Ask me here on tumblr or on twitter @doryevans if you have any questions!

Secondly, each & every beastie who is active online needs to help spread this mission. I will do my best to spread it but I cannot do it without your help in asking your fellow beastie on Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr etc if they have bought BatB on iTunes yet?!

Make your own post on twitter/FB and join this mission to raise cash for BatB! It’s a direct source of income for the show/network & can easily be kept track of by checking the iTunes chart!

If you have bought the seasons already, you can gift them to someone who you think will fall in love with the show too - this is A Great way to Recruit more peeps to our family which is needed!! 

Beauty & the Beast iTunes Season One Pass can be found HERE & the Season Two Pass can be found HERE ! 

Happy Hi-Def #BatB Watching !!! :D 

Beauty & the Beast Season One Bloopers

Some #BatB on set fun to get you through the rest of the day… and week!! 5 Days until #BatB returns with an ALL NEW EPISODE ;)

Video Courtesy of Kez - Subscribe to her YouTube Channel HERE !

Kez makes brilliant #BatB FanVids so be sure to check out the rest of her vids as well in order to chase away any & all misery associated with the words “Hiatus” & “Renewal”!!! :DDD 

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